Travelodge, Cardiff Bay

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Yep, carpet feels good.

It was news to my humans that Travelodge is dog-friendly. It must have been good news because we were there almost as soon as they found out. I was very excited about staying in a hotel but was a little surprised that the humans had brought my bed with us. ‘Checking in’ with your own bed just seems wrong. We had to go in a ‘lift’ with to get to the room. My only prior experience of a lift is at Russell Square in London, and then human-1 always carries me. Apparently you have to keep your tail out of the door in a lift. Thankfully a tail related incident was narrowly avoided. I loved the room (very comfy carpet) and even though I was told (rather firmly) that I should sleep in my bed from home, I was allowed a quick test of the human bed and you can take it from me that it was COMFY.

It had been a big night..

It had been a big night..

The humans asked if I was allowed to go for breakfast (SAUSAGES?) and apparently we could have gone for breakfast if we sat away from the food. Sadly the humans decided against it so I can’t review the sausages. Am hoping to be able to review a sausage on our next trip to a Travelodge.

What the humans say:

Great stay in the Travelodge, very dog friendly and a good location for easy access to the city centre (15 min walk). Free parking is a plus.


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