The Plough, Northfields

Waiting for a biscuit

Waiting for a biscuit

I love the Plough, it’s one of my favourites. I always try to drag the humans in when we walk past. On today’s trip I got FOUR biscuits, AMAZING.

Waiting for another biscuit

Waiting for another biscuit

If you are lucky and your humans get there early enough in the winter you can get a spot to curl up by the cosy fire. Toasty. Also one time a ‘dog-mad’ lovely human liked me so much she left her drink and went out especially to buy me a special packet of treats just for me. There is a good garden too. We went in the garden once when we turned up on ‘live jazz night’ and I wasn’t quite sure about the saxophone (not scared, just not sure). Great place.

What the humans say:

Lovely cosy pub, very dog friendly. The food is very good and dogs can join you for dinner in the bar (no dogs in the restaurant). Definitely an Ollie favourite!

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