The Meadows Campsite, Pentewan, Cornwall

Our spot in the meadow

Our spot in the meadow

The Meadows is the BEST CAMPSITE EVER. It has cosy little spaces for your inflatable canvass house surrounded by yummy looking meadow and plenty of space for relaxing by the dog stake. Off the dog string walkies are just moments away and they rent out BBQs to the humans (SAUSAGE alert!). It’s no wonder that the site is so good; camp dog Harvey is clearly not only camp security and dog friendly review writer, but also the genious mastermind behind it all: who else would come up with dog tethers by the washing up and shower point so the humans can wash hands-free. A sharp canine intellect! Also a holiday romance may be on the cards; mine was with my neighbour, Scout (although, apparently, I was a little ungentlemanly in my advances!). Oh well, there’s always next time. I’ve heard a rumour that the humans may be ‘calling in sick for the whole summer’ so they can bring me back, so I may not have too long to wait!
What the humans say:

We agree with Ollie. Really lovely campsite with secluded feeling pitches and excellent dog walks from the ‘door’. You hardly need to use the car if you don’t want to. Great local dog friendly information provided by Harvey and very friendly and helpful humans too! BBQ and campfire rentals help to keep you warm in the evening and come set up ready to go. The cocktail and pizza vans on a Saturday evening are an excellent idea and we were very tempted to extend our stay to try Monday’s fish and chips. Maybe next time!

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