The Grange, Ealing

So much room for a stretch out in The Grange

So much room for a stretch out in The Grange

The Grange isn’t in Northfields; it’s in Ealing. That’s a pretty good place for a pub to be I reckon because it means that we get to walk through TWO parks to get there. That means twice the opportunity to chase squirrels, eat poo, sniff bottoms, and do other such very important things. The humans used to live near The Grange before I was born but they moved to Northfields so that they could have ‘one badly behaved puppy’ and a garden for me to eat. Consequently this was only my second visit to The Grange, but hopefully it won’t be long before my next visit because I LOVE IT!

Do you think there's any more BEEF JERKY?!

Do you think there’s any more BEEF JERKY?!

On this visit I met the ‘luckiest dog in the whole world’. I know that she is the ‘luckiest dog in the whole world’ because she lives in The Grange and in The Grange they give you BEEF JERKY (new addition to my ‘best things in the world list’). AMAZING. I also met a very small human who wanted to tickle my nose. Now I’m usually not a massive fan of nose tickles but I made an exception for the very small human on the condition that we could do some belly rubbing and paw/hand holding too. Great little chap.
So doggy friends, if you like beef jerky and shaking paws with very small humans (and who doesn’t!) then The Grange is most definitely for you!

What the humans say:

Very dog friendly and great family atmosphere. There is a big garden for the summer and a cosy feel inside in the winter. Ollie was sold on the beef jerky!

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