A day out in Walthamstow

Now Walthamstow is quite a long way from Northfields. I know this because when we went last week I managed to hold paws (hands) with five strangers on the tube trip (on a regular journey I typically only manage one paw hold). Also we had to change trains at ‘Green Park station’ (worst park ever), so must be a really long way. I don’t mind that so much because on the tube I get the second best thing; ATTENTION (biscuits is joint 1st with sausages) and, if it’s busy, I get to ‘sit like a human’ on a lap (see example below):

'sitting like a human'

‘sitting like a human’

Outside Wild Card Brewery (car park)

Outside Wild Card Brewery (car park)

We were going to Walthamstow because the humans (query drinking problem?) wanted to go to a beer festival at Wild Card Brewery. I also have a drinking problem: nobody ever buys me one! Going to a beer festival seems to involve sitting in a car park, so that’s what we did. I had a sleep (was exhausted due to earlier intensive gundog training session) and before I knew it the humans had managed to sneak and finish a portion of chips (without sharing, yet again!). Then we were off because human-2 had spotted Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace (odd looking palace).

Funny looking 'palace'!

Funny looking ‘palace’!

We weren’t sure if I was allowed but I was invited in (BIG relief for human-2), and I was given TWO GRAVY BONES!! AMAZING! Then it was time to head back to Northfields and I was glad of the opportunity for a bit of a nap on the train. I got ‘to sit like a human’ (it was a bit busy), but I had to sit very still because the human in the seat next to us was scared of me (no idea!) and the human on the other side didn’t like my (lovely) legs touching her handbag. Was pleased when they got off and I could spread out a bit for a proper nap. Now that the humans have discovered a cocktail bar I’m allowed in I have a feeling this won’t be my last trip to Walthamstow!


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