Cardiff Boat, Cardiff

Waiting for the boat

Waiting for the boat

'Sitting like a human' for duck spotting

‘Sitting like a human’ for duck spotting

This was my first time at sea (river), so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. IT WAS BRILLIANT! I ‘sat like a human’ so I could see the ducks out the window. The boat-human said that dogs often fall asleep on the floor because of the gentle motion, but I wasn’t about to miss any of the action! Ok, I may have had a very brief nap (soo snuggly) but I saw 99.9% of the cool stuff. I think. Was a bit surprised there weren’t any swans…

What the humans say:

A fun and scenic way to get between Cardiff Bay (Mermaid Quay) and Bute Park. Ollie was made to feel very welcome. The trip lasts around half an hour (although Ollie only managed to stay awake for the first five minutes: there were a lot of swans!). Boats leave once an hour from both stops and a ticket is just £3 (per human – dogs free). A similar service is run by Aquabus, and is also dog friendly.

For more information:


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