A Camping Trip to Cornwall

blog welcome break

Having a ‘Welcome Break’

Cornwall is a VERY long way from Northfields. It’s such a long way from Northfields that we had to stop for a ‘Welcome Break’ on the way. It turned out that I’m not very welcome at all inside a Welcome Break service station so I had my pee and leg stretch in the designated ‘dog walking’ area while the humans took it in turns to go inside. Then it was back on the road to camping (happy grin).

On the road again

On the road again

Inflatable canvas house and nemesis

Inflatable canvas house and nemesis

We were staying in the inflatable canvas house at The Meadows campsite in Pentewan and it is the BEST PLACE EVER. The first thing that happened when we arrived was, depressingly, the setting up of my nemesis: the dog  stake. The dog stake is always exactly right next to, but just out of gobbling reach of, something very tasty looking that I really want to eat. On this occasion camping equipment, and the namesake meadow (really, really yummy looking tall grass and wild flowers, the sort that gets satisfyingly in between your teeth). Therefore, doggy readers, I can’t give you a culinary review of the meadow itself, but it certainly did look gourmet. Just as I had given up trying to reach the peg bag I turned around to discover that the canvas house was inflated and good to go; a record-breaking effort by the humans (last time I managed to chew through an entire dog string (nearly beating my nemesis) before the swearing had stopped. Seriously though, it was worrying; I had thought about confiscating the hammer). No such worries this time, thankfully.

Yummy looking meadow & Scout's canvas house in the distance

Yummy looking meadow & Scout’s canvas house in the distance

The campsite (BEST PLACE EVER) is AMAZING because it is so dog friendly. Head of security is Harvey the camp dog. He had a pawly foot when I met him (I suspect a result of very important security duties). My neighbour was Scout. She was very lovely. We were in the middle of a blossoming holiday romance when, allegedly, I took it too far, and was removed to cool off. Apparently I have to take her to the cinema first. Humans are very strange.

Anyway, It turned out that we had come to Cornwall to have ‘a relax’. This worried me a little as ‘relaxing’ isn’t really my thing (I’m more of a ‘manic moment’ kinda guy). But apparently ‘relaxing’ in Cornwall means a lot of walking, exploring, bum sniffing, and sunbathing, and all of those things are just fine by me. It was also a chance to try out my new collapsible camping crate ahead of the ‘big trip to France’.

Searching for cows

Searching for cows

So I settled in to the relaxing and the next day off we went for a walk to Mevagissey. The walk to Mevagissey is AMAZING. I was off my dog string the whole way except for one point when I stuck my nose under a gate to get a better look at some cows. Apparently an over interest in cattle isn’t included in ‘relaxing’.
Mevagissey is the most dog friendly place EVER which means there were loads and loads of places that should be included on this blog. The humans (tight) however, decided that we ‘had a budget’ ahead of the ‘big trip to France’. It seems that ‘having a budget’ means more walking and less Ollie naps/human eating and drinking (and not sharing). I like a budget. All I can say, dogs, is get your humans to Mevagissey; there is no shortage of friendly places for you to nap while they don’t share their food with you!

Posing in Mevagissy

Posing in Mevagissey

'sitting like a human' on board

‘sitting like a human’ for stability on board the ferry

Even though we were ‘on a budget’ we still managed to pop in for some snacks/ a nap at The Sharksfin Bar and Restaurant. I was a little sleepy from my ‘relaxing’ but managed to make the most of my vantage point from the Ollie-height window (lots of human and dog legs).

The ‘budget’ also extended to a trip on the Ferry to Fowey. I’m no stranger to a life on the river (check out my Cardiff blog for details of my previous aquatic adventure) but this was my first experience of the open seas. I ‘sat like a human’ for stability and off we went.

Exploring Foye

Exploring Fowey

In Fowey we encountered Seagulls. They are, frankly, terrifying. I like to think I can snatch food with the best of them, but these guys are something else. The humans were a bit concerned they might snatch me. I hid under the bench. Safety first.

The humans (having clearly momentarily forgotten the ‘budget’) decided that I needed nautical attire for the voyage home. I would rather have had a sausage but apparently Salty Sea Dogs have neckerchiefs instead. The trip back was a little bumpy and I got my head down on human 1’s lap, hoped for the best, and tried (successfully) not to be sick on my neckerchief.

Salty Sea Dog

Salty Sea Dog

If you want a good view of the sea on your walkies back to The Meadows from Mevagissey, you can take the South West Coastal Path. For ‘one-totally-well-behaved-risk-averse-dog’ this would be an off the string walk but as I am ‘one-almost-well-behaved-dog-prone-to-misjudging-the-location-of-sudden-drops’ it was the dog string for me. I don’t mind though; if you keep your head down you’d be surprised how much poo you can get through before anyone notices what you’re doing. The path took us to Pentewan where the humans got an ice cream (yet again no sharing), and tried out the dog friendly Ship Inn where there was another near death by seagull incident. They are certainly no coots. It is a short walk back to the campsite from Pentewan through the woods (there was a dead squirrel in the woods at the time of visiting) and along the river (opportunity for a swim).

Smiling on the beach

Smiling on the beach

For another ‘relaxing’ day out we walked some more of the coastal path between Caerhays Castle and Hemmick Beach. I LOVE the beach (once found a dead fish) so this was right up my street. I did some digging and tried to bury human 1. Apparently digging isn’t included in ‘relaxing’ either. Spoilsports.

Burying human 1

Burying human 1

I was very sad when it was time to pack up the inflatable canvas house, I would happily live at The Measows for ever and become ‘Ollie of Cornwall’ (sorry Northfields). At least it’s not long before the ‘big trip to France’ and I am now well prepared for the outdoor lifestyle (I have a neckerchief).

If I stay in my bed they can't make me leave

If I stay in my bed they can’t make me leave

Ps. Get well soon to camp dog Harvey, hope your pawly paw is better soon so you can be back on your security duties. In the meantime kick back with a sausage! Ollie x


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