Never be left behind again!

I’m Ollie (of Northfields) from West London. I’m a working cocker spaniel but as West London is lacking in pheasants, work for me mainly consists of exploring with the humans (this almost always involves ‘the pub’). I know it can be tough for us hairy hounds trying to follow our humans everywhere, so this site will help to point the discerning doggy towards dog friendly destinations (with the humans in tow of course!).

I’m just getting started with my site (it’s a slow process without thumbs), but watch this space for lots of top adventuring tips very soon…

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Hound Highlights

Check out these paw-picked destinations that I have visited recently:

A camping trip to Cornwall

A ‘mini break’ in Cardiff

A day out in Walthamstow

Also check out my special guest blog as a Rover Reporter for Attlee at Phileas Dogg (the only UK travel site written by dogs for dogs):

Phileas Dogg Rover Report – Ollie of Northfield’s Holiday Highlights

Follow My Adventures

Follow me!

Follow me!

Make sure you keep up to date with new doggy friendly additions by following my blog (use the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the page to access the footer & click the ‘follow’ button for email updates).

I’d follow myself, but that may seem a little self-obsessed!

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